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PT. Hari Jaya Solusindo

PT. Hari Jaya Solusindo

Welcome to PT. Hari Jaya Solusindo. We are a company that established since 2013 engaged in industrial Turnstile, Access Control, Access Control Card, Camera CCTV, . We were in Jl. Kesatrian X No.12 Kelurahan Kebon Manggis Kecamatan Matraman, Jakarta Timur . Discover the variety of our best products (Kartu Akses Kontrol, Turnstile, Kartu Proximity, Swipe Card, Kartu Hid, Kartu Mifare) with quality and the best price you can get.


Thank You For Visiting Our Company Website, Partners Sedjati Cv.

Partner Sedjati Was Initiated More Than 7 Years Ago To Meet The Needs Of Industrial Security And Safety System (Safety And Security Tools).

Partner Sedjati Also Supported By Big Company Of Singapore Which Has Stood Since 1997 For Product-Cctv-Access Control Anti-Theft Alarm. So Mr / Ms Do Not Have To Worry About Warranties Of Goods.

Partner Sedjati Understand As A Company That Not Only Sell Goods But Also Provide A Fast Service, The Right And Best. We, Partners Sedjati Cv.:
1. Ensuring Will Give You Best Price Compared To Other Companies.
2. Have High Work Standards
3. Quality Work And Service Speed ​​Has Been Used And Recognized In Many Large Companies, Small Companies And Even Shop Building And Individuals.
4. Priority To Client Satisfaction.
5. Has Been Appointed As The Main Contractor For The Project Company Big Big-Project.
6. Other Advantages That We Can Not Mention One By One.

Our Experience Proves Not Only 1-2 Clients Who Complain And Disappointed At Other Companies. And We Provide Solutions To The Problems Faced By The Client To The Existing Installation (Fire Systems, Access Control, Cctv, And Burglar Alarm Is Installed).

Partners We Sincerely Hope Will Be Sedjati Really Like The "True Friend", Responsible And Willing To Help If Mr / Ms Having Problems. Not Only Solely Profit-Oriented But More Client Satisfaction. Because Very Confident With Experience We Have Sufficient To Provide A Solution.


Jl. Kesatrian X No.12 Kelurahan Kebon Manggis Kecamatan Matraman, Jakarta Timur Jakarta Timur
DKI Jakarta , Indonesia

Jl. Kesatrian X no 12 Jakarta Timur
DKI Jakarta , Indonesia




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